March 15th, 2017
RIGS : Mechanized Combat League -

We’ve put together a 5 minute sampler of the music we composed and produced for RIGS : Mechanized Combat League

RIGS is a real mixture of genres - a first person shooter, sports arena PvP and military mech based fighter – all in VR.

So why not take the same approach musically. We combined contemporary electronic rhythms and rock guitars from a thumping action score, classical sensibilities and scale from a symphony orchestra and choir and a sprinkling of ethnic instruments to help it stand out over your traditional sports score.

0 – 0:15 The opening 15 seconds show the ethnic localised side of the score as the same cue is heard first with an acoustic guitar then Chinese violin and Armenian Duduk over strings. 0:15 – 0:37 We had fun creating deep electronic percussion and throbbing bass loops for loading screens. 0:38 – 1:43 Powerful brass, basslines and electronica for action sequences. 1:43 – 2:22 Our very first cut scene in VR, the title sequence of the game as the RIGS are slowly introduced. 2:22 – 2:58 You’ve made it to the podium, fireworks, champagne and adulation await. 2:59 – end Final section of the ‘credits’ cue, epic!


All composition and programming by Andrew & Paul.

Basses & Guitars performed by Louis Thorne, recorded and edited by Dave Lockwood at his studio in Cambridgeshire. Chinese instruments produced by Li Jiang, all players recorded at his studio in Northamptonshire. City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, recorded at Smecky Studios in Prague, engineered by Jan Holzner, produced by James Fitzpatrick. Orchestrated and conducted by Nic Raine. Ethnic woodwinds performed by Sandro Friedrich, recorded at his studio in Switzerland.

Music Edited by Gareth Williams at his studio in Cambridgeshire

Mixed by Rich Aitken at Woodworm Studios, Oxfordshire

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