May 21st, 2019
MediEvil Remake -

Andrew & Paul to score the MediEvil Remake.

The game franchise we’re most closely associated with is getting a big budget PS4 remake. (We wrote the score for MediEvil 1 in 1998, MediEvil 2 in 2000 and MediEvil: Resurrection in 2005).

Sony America contacted us in early 2018, as we couldn’t fit it into our schedule until later in the year, this gave us the time to discuss an approach. The $64m question, how do you take a non-interactive score from 1998 and update it to an interactive score for 2019, but yet still have it sound like the first game which Sony were very keen on doing. A head scratcher indeed, we can’t say any more at this stage but hopefully you’ll like our solution.

This is on a much bigger scale than earlier MediEvil’s, the game is being developed by Other Ocean Interactive, and Sony’s music department who work on titles such as God of War, Uncharted and Spiderman play a huge role in bringing the score to life. We had the largest recording session we’ve had since our first live score (Primal in 2003) and the mix supervisor is a Hollywood veteran of 100s of films, we’ll be heading to California to help bring it all together in the coming months, hopefully he’ll show us a trick or two! It’s due for release in October 2019, at that point we’ll be able to share much more.

The video above is the ‘Story Trailer’ Sony released in May which has our music all over it. Enjoy!

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