We started writing music in 1990 for games (SWIV on the Amiga for geek aware!) and worked our way up to run the music and sound department for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe before leaving in 2001, winning awards for writing music for unusual instruments, orchestras and choirs when the characters from those games were only a few pixels high! We studied orchestration, jazz harmonies and discovered a love of world music so started developing a sound that combined elements of all three.

From our quirky gothic horror soundtracks to the MediEvil series, soaring fantasy epics for Neverwinter Nights, Amstardam and Primal, thumping high energy contemporary tracks for Forza, Sega Rally, and Green Street 3, sensitive emotional scores for dramas The Guvnors and Time Will Tell, and our love of world music which features on so many of our scores, most prominently Brink, Kung Fu Chaos and RIGS, our musical output is varied and definitely colourful.

Folks we’ve known for years recognise our style (something we can’t!), we’re told our music has bags of personality and the occasional tongue in cheek. We pride ourselves on an in-depth knowledge of instruments both traditional and ethnic. We do like to bring something unusual to the table.

We’re contemporary media composers - working in games for the young keeps us fresh - and we work predominantly with musicians; as such our music is far more acoustic than electronic. But we’re both geeks - we build all the machines we write with - so we use a lot of digital sound processing to sculpt our work. We don’t work in a single style, we work in drama, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and comedy but whatever we’re working on, it’s always got a little bit of us, that’s the important bit, even if we don’t know what that is!

Paul Arnold

Paul Arnold (AKA Bob - obviously!) is a classically trained musician, gifted at the piano, guitar and trumpet, although not usually at the same time. He has an MSc in Music Technology and a BA (Hons) in Music and Computing and his musical influences include 80s glam rock music, film scores and pop music of most sorts past and present. It's important to have a broad appreciation of music in our chosen field!

Andrew Barnabas

Andrew Barnabas (AKA Barn) is also a classically trained musician, he has a BA (Hons) in Music. He was taught piano from age 7, oboe from 12 and recently took up drums & percussion, finally finding an outlet after 20 years of air drumming! His musical loves are funk, jazz & film scores, and his influences include James Horner, Stevie Wonder, Vangelis and Earth Wind & Fire.

Together we have over forty years of professional experience as composers and have been working together for over fifteen. During that time we've amassed a plethora of technical skills and a global network of musicians, studios, engineers, conductors and music editors to help realise our madcap musical ideas. We've also built two top-end composition facilities in the heart of the beautiful city of Cambridge.